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How much time we should give to The Hindu ?

  • You have got 18 hours in hand (Yaar sona/sleep bhi jaroori/important hai). We aren’t here to tell you time table, we just tell you how to utilize those 18 hours. Give at-least 60 minutes to The Hindu, this is sufficient to crack CAPF/CPF exam.


  • Cut the papers / articles because that piece of paper will lead to a corner of your study table and which never gets your attention :-)
  • Opt for any other newspaper because that will lead you to a financial imbalance (As you have very limited pocket money) :-)
  • Copy the whole article because that will make your imagination very limited.

What is keywords and it’s importance?

  • Words which indicate summary of the whole data/article/theory is known as keywords (We hope it already highlighted its importance).
  • We have provided you certain keywords for examples : Inclusive growth, sustainable development, Niti Ayog, Poverty, Food insecurity, Budget, IPCC, IMF, RBI, Armed forces, Investment and so on.

How to read The Hindu?

  1. For Sunday
  • It mostly contains 16 basic pages. No Proper Editorial page on this day.
  • Main Page/Page 1 :- Read all the headlines on the main page (Page 1), it contains certain keywords so read the related articles and write your opinion in a short form in your Notebook. Many articles will forwarded to Page 8. So don’t give this page more than 5 minutes (Page 1/Main page and Page 8) (Be quick).
  • Page 2 – Page 7 :- Reading Page 2 to Page 7 is A BHASTE AAF TIME. Page 4 and page 5 are classified Pages. Page 2, 3, 6, 7 are having no importance as far UPSC exam is concer. This contain state issues (mostly useless for UPSC exam). It differs with your region (i.e. you are living in New Delhi and in a regional page ATTACK ON DALITS TERRORIZED in Bengaluru article has been given, So useless articles from UPSC exam point of view). It’s a request Don’t go through it in any condition.
  • Page 8 :- It Contains News from Main Page and certain other issues, you can go through it but don’t waste your much time.
  • Page 9 :- It contains National news. Read Important news (National Importance) like High Pollution (Keywords) cuts short Indian lives by 3 years and so on. So read the news by making / marking keywords.
  • Page 10 :- It’s an opinion page, Read only if contains Important keywords/issues.
  • Page 11 :- It’s called open page, It’s a page written by viewers so again Reading it is A BHASTE AAF TIME. Better you make your own opinion on a separate notebook for an important issue.
  • Page 12 :- It contains International news. Very few of them are useful so be a good choosy-smart boy. Choose articles according to important keywords.
  • Page 13 :- It contains Business news. Read completely all the articles from government sources, RBI, SEBI, SIDBI, NABARD, IRDA, Inflation, Budget, SEZ, IMF, World Bank and etc. Don’t read articles contains fluctuation in silver, gold, currency, salaries of CEO’s, quarterly Reports, pilot reports ,Interviews and etc.
  • Page 14 & 15 :- it contains sports news. Which is again A BHASTE AAF TIME Because we will provide you a separate notes for important sports events in last week of June in Notes CPFcrack Section.
  • Page 16 :- it contains various news from all around the world. You will see important issues very rarely. So again be a good choosy smart boy.
  1. For Monday
  • It mostly contains 14 basic pages.
  • Classified Pages are shrink so cheer up, less pages to concentrate. Yepppiiieee
  • Don’t laugh, you have a very important page called EDITORIAL to use your mind.
  • Page 6 :- It Contains articles from editors mostly. We have divided it in three parts (See Picture below). Part I contains a Topic and a brief information on that. Part II contains articles wriiten by main editors (Very important from UPSC exam point of view). Part III contains Letters to editor which is again A BHASTE AAF TIME. So Be a good choosy smart boy. You need to concentrate on Part I and Part II.

the hindu

  • Page 7 :- it contains comments from various newspapers, editors, well known person. So read it once if you find any article e.g. Virus in the viral content (Important in cyber security) useful, go through it. Be a good choosy smart boy ha ha ha 🙂
  • Rest instructions and pages are same as in Sunday, one page for National news (Page 9) one page for International news (Page 10), one page for business news(Page 11), two sports news (Page 12 & page 13), one page containing various news (Page 14)
  1. For Tuesday (Books Special)
  • It mostly contains 16 basic pages.
  • It has one different page containing Books and reviews and 3 pages for sports (Page 13, 14 and 15).
  • Page 12 :- It contains 2 parts. In Part I books and reviews are specified and in part II some very useful knowledge in English language has been specified. Avoid the Review but mark down the books and it’s writer (Only writers having international or national fame). All candidates should go through Part II, it’s mandatory.
  • Rest instructions and pages are same as in Monday .
  1. For Wednesday (Human Resources Special)
  • It mostly contains 18 basic pages.
  • It has two different pages called Empower (Page 14 & Page 15), for Business News (Page 11 & Page 12), for sports news (Page 13, 16 & 17).
  • Page 13 & 14 :- It contains news from Human resources development, information technology and jobs. So avoid jobs related news but go for others.
  • Rest instructions and pages are same as in Monday .
  1. For Tuesday (Science & Tech Special)
  • It mostly contains 16 basic pages.
  • one different page called science & Technology (Page 13), two pages for business new (Page 11 & page 12), three for sports (Page 14, 15 and 16)
  • Page 13 :- It contains news from all around the world of science and technology. It’s damn important page, So give it full respect. Read only articles having bold titles. One title in right side doesn’t come in bold letters, so you need not to waste your time on that.
  • Rest instructions and pages are same as in Monday .
  1. For Friday
  • It mostly contains ins 16 basic pages.
  • No Special Pages, two pages for Business News (Page 11 & Page 12), 3 pages for sports news (Page 13, 14 & 15), Page 16 contains news from all around the world.
  • Rest instructions and pages are same as in Monday.
  1. For Saturday
  • It mostly contains 16 basic pages.
  • All pages are same as Friday.
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